Q – How often should I replace my air filter?

A – Every month your air filter should be changed or cleaned. This is extremely important to prevent major damage to your furnace and/or Air Conditioner.

Q – How often should my furnace or AC be inspected or cleaned?

A – You should have your furnace or AC maintained at least once annually. You may require proof of your annual maintenance for any future warranty claims.

Q – How much does it cost for a service call?

A – In the unfortunate event that your HVAC equipment stops working properly, and you require a service call, Dial 613-868-3189 for our 24 hour emergency service line. There is a flat-rate diagnostic charge of $73 + HST. We will come to your house and find the problem. Any required parts or repairs are listed in our pricing book, which will be readily available for you. This ensures you are always getting Capital Home Comfort preferred rates.

Q – It’s hot upstairs and cold downstairs.

A – This happens in both heating and cooling season. For Air Conditioning. Make sure all of your basement supply air runs are closed, pushing more cold air to the top floor. Perhaps you need a return Air run on the floor in your basement. Or just a duct balancing. Ductwork design has changed quite a bit in the past 50 years. We have solutions for all types of
houses, built in any year.

Q – Do you Install New furnaces or air conditioners?

A – YES! We are installations experts…giving you fast, affordable, reliable installations. Fill out a short form and get a free quote today.